“I create, therefore I am”


The meaning of the phrase “person of integrity” came to me suddenly in a eureka moment: A person of integrity is one whose emotions, thoughts, intentions, words and actions are in harmony.

This is my daily aspiration and there are some really great days.

My other motivation is a refusal to accept compartmentalization of knowledge. I believe that whatever we learn, sooner or later colours diverse areas of our lives. Is it a surprise that my  favourite TV program is TVO’s Big Ideas? Our human privilege is our infinite potential and our only limitation is the shortness of our lives.

I am insatiably curious, a lateral thinker, diehard futurist and a fierce lifelong learner.

Sunanda Mongia
“Believe like there is eternity; act like there is only today.”

Designer | Communicator | Blogger | Marketeer

My Culture Blog
Culture is the skin of our souls

My Poetry Blog
Where is Toronto?
Somewhere…somewhat…in the center of the universe


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